Micah Kemplin

Micah is our Guitar Effects Guru!! Name a sound, he'll help you get it...Also our Setup Wizard who can take just about anything and make it play good.


Brian Hoeflich

Brian Hoeflich is our in house percussion and drum technician. If you have any drum questions or need help getting your drums tuned up, he is your man! Also, he is a pretty snappy dresser.


Chynna Spitler

Chynna is our in house band and orchestra expert.  She is ready to help with all your questions.  


Chuck Beck


Chuck started Absolute Music in 1984 with nothing more than a plastic fishbowl full of kazoos and a dream...He spent his earlier years as one of the Miami Valley's top guitar players making his living playing the top venues of the area and is still hits the stage occasionally...The Buck Stops With Chuck.