​Eastwood Guitars

Where vintage and beauty go hand-in-hand.

Eastwood®Guitars has spent the last 15 years creating some of the most beautiful and high-quality electric guitars the world has ever seen. From classic Mosrites to our top-selling Airline, we pride ourselves on using only the highest-quality modern components to produce the optimum sound and playing experience.

These are incredible, vintage-style guitars played by musicians all over the world, but they’re more than just a business for us, they’re a passion. That’s why every remake we undertake captures the essence of the popular sixties designs, but with the playability and affordability you expect from a modern instrument. We want the avid music lover and the aspiring guitarist alike to enjoy each beautiful guitar as much as we do, which is why each of our Eastwood Guitars is set up professionally long before they’ve been shipped to our customers.

The original guitars are no doubt worth having and enjoying, but as prices continue to climb and as the years pass us by, they become both too expensive and too hard to play. That’s why our guitars far exceed their 60’s counterparts, with ongoing investments in research and artistic development to continually raise the level of their performance. 


Airline '59 Custom 2P



​Custom Kraft


Ichiban K 2L


​Sidejack HB DLX


​Saturn IV Bass